Crashed Ice

Crashed Ice (Red Bull Crashed Ice) is a world tour in the winter extreme sporting event (or downhill ice cross), which involves downhill skating in an urban environment, on a track which includes steep turns and high vertical drops. It is sponsored by Red Bull. It is similar to ski cross and snowboard cross, except with ice skates on an ice track, instead of skis or snowboards on a snow track.Competitors, having advanced from one of the tryouts in the prior months, race in heats of four skaters, with the top two advancing from each heat. Racers, typically ice hockey players, outfittedIMG_3971 as such, speed down the course’s turns, berms, and jumps.

 Derrell Levy of In-Tech hockey is a Gitch sponsored Red Bull Crashed Ice competitor.  With the addition of Gitch performance enhancing products Derrel has improved his times by 8+ seconds per run from last season.  Armed with GItch compression socks, compression pants, and a Bio-Core shirt, Derrell had his best showing at the latest competition In Minnesota.  The grueling schedule of qualifying and running many heats in a day can take its toll on the body.  Derrell attributes his quick recovery and improved performance to the Gitch products he religiously wears on every run down the extreme track.  “Without the Gitch performance line I would not have been able to improve and compete at such a high level” This is a great testament to what the Gitch line has been made for.  Improved performance, faster recovery, comfort, and enduring quality that allows athletes to be their best and perform their best. #SEEYABOYS

Written By Graham Williamson



Innovative Stickhandling

Everybody stickhandles around pylons, other pucks, and so called deke machines and attack triangles which become predictable and boring. We are all about training in new and exciting ways with the best performance enhancing products.  We decided to take stickhandling drills to the next level by dekeing and dangling various abstract objects.  We started with some ladders and logs to create different one of a kind hands drill.  A Hockey player will never improve by doing the same things over and over within his comfort zone.   By using something new and different we get out of our comfort zone and develop new skills in an unpredictable setting.  Every player has done circles around pylons and dekes under sticks , but have they ever tried over and through a ladder ? Around and through logs?New innovations and thinking outside of the box will develop new and better skills.   Imagine your training regime is unlike anybody else’s, you practice things no other player does , you have moves and ideas never seen or thought of before , you will be way ahead of the competition when it comes to game time.  Being able to think and react quickly to a situation will give you the edge you are looking for against the competition.  Controlling the puck , buying time , and being able to produce offense is the key to hockey and working on your hands and puck handling is the only way to improve. 

Pushing the envelope and being innovators is what we do at Gitch Sportswear through our amazing product line and inventive training ideas.

Looking ahead we will be working with more objects to work on our hands , Milk crates modified for dangling purposes , chairs , clothing racks , shelves and so much more to come ….

Check out our ladder and logs videos below , stay tuned for more to come


Buzzers test new Performance Enhancing Compression Bottoms line


Gitch is proud and excited to be launching the newest items in our line of performance wear.  We have been developing and testing these products for years.  Trying and testing the best materials in the world with various compositions and technologies we have come to this launch very confident that we have the best in compression performance wear.  The Gitch line is photomade for athletes of all kinds,whether training or performing in a game,meet, or event this compression line will improve performance, reduce risk of injuries, and accelerate recovery time.  We can’t wait and very much look forward to getting these products into the hands of world class athletes to see the performance,durability, and comfort these items provide.

St. Michaels Buzzers are one of the oldest and most decorated clubs in Jr. A hockey. We have been fortunate enough to have an opportunity to work with them on testing a few of our products. We believe that the best feedback is from the athletes themselves. Recently we have dropped off Performance Enhancing Compression Shorts and Pants for all players to try out and give us feedback on the product. We hope that these products will meet our expectations, and theirs, as they will be tested by some of the best Jr A players in the country today. The Buzzers team is tied for first in their division currently, we expect these items will boost their performances and push them into the top spot in the league and a provincially recognized contender at the junior A level.

Members of the Buzzers will be wearing their Gitch compression pants and shorts for on and off ice workouts , practices , and games.  This will put the compression pants and shorts through the ultimate test , by top level athletes day after day , practice after practice , and game after game.We are very confident the expectations and desires the players have for their compression gear will be met and exceeded.

Stay tuned for athletes feedback…


Monday, November 18th, 2019


Check out our new line of compression socks.


For my long shifts and demanding schedules of 24 hours at a time I couldn’t make it through them without my Gitch socks.

AshkanMozafari (Toronto Fire Department)