Innovative Stickhandling

Everybody stickhandles around pylons, other pucks, and so called deke machines and attack triangles which become predictable and boring. We are all about training in new and exciting ways with the best performance enhancing products.  We decided to take stickhandling drills to the next level by dekeing and dangling various abstract objects.  We started with some ladders and logs to create different one of a kind hands drill.  A Hockey player will never improve by doing the same things over and over within his comfort zone.   By using something new and different we get out of our comfort zone and develop new skills in an unpredictable setting.  Every player has done circles around pylons and dekes under sticks , but have they ever tried over and through a ladder ? Around and through logs?New innovations and thinking outside of the box will develop new and better skills.   Imagine your training regime is unlike anybody else’s, you practice things no other player does , you have moves and ideas never seen or thought of before , you will be way ahead of the competition when it comes to game time.  Being able to think and react quickly to a situation will give you the edge you are looking for against the competition.  Controlling the puck , buying time , and being able to produce offense is the key to hockey and working on your hands and puck handling is the only way to improve. 

Pushing the envelope and being innovators is what we do at Gitch Sportswear through our amazing product line and inventive training ideas.

Looking ahead we will be working with more objects to work on our hands , Milk crates modified for dangling purposes , chairs , clothing racks , shelves and so much more to come ….

Check out our ladder and logs videos below , stay tuned for more to come


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Monday, October 14th, 2019

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For my long shifts and demanding schedules of 24 hours at a time I couldn’t make it through them without my Gitch socks.

AshkanMozafari (Toronto Fire Department)